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Co2 bottle small

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  • The Moje M1 rescue and recovery system was developed in Germany according to the IMO guidelines for cold water survival (MSC 1/Circ. 1185/Rev.1).
    It enables a three-phase recovery consisting of:
    1. Rescue from drowning and prevent the person from cooling down by getting the person out of the water as quickly as possible.
    2. Horizontal rescue of the person from the water (air chambers protect against impact accidents with the side of the ship)
    3. Transport and storage without risky rearrangement (protection against circulatory collapse or afterdrop)
    The Moje M1 also complies with the safety guidelines for traditional ships. According to paragraph 6 of the ship safety guidelines of the Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development, suitable rescue aid is provided for traditional ships that require approval and do not operate a launch (rescue) boat.

    The self-inflating MOJE M1 is stored very compactly in an impact-resistant, waterproof plastic case.
    In an emergency, the folded MOJE M1 is thrown to the person floating in the water. Two stable outer chambers inflate automatically. The injured person swims between these chambers and then manually triggers the inflation of the six carrier chambers in between. This causes the MOJE M1 to unfold to a size of 2.0 x 1.80 m. The person is lifted out of the water and brought into a safe swimming position. The insulating effect protects the person from cooling contact with water.
    With the integrated recovery belt system with ring eyelets, the casualty can be safely hoisted onto the deck in a horizontal position, which prevents circulatory shock, even with higher freeboard (with a lifting device, e.g. on a tree or halyard). The function as a rescue stretcher ( Stretcher) takes over the system with the aluminum support rod set available as an accessory.
    This ensures the necessary horizontal position across the entire rescue chain, without any dangerous repositioning! Suitable for use on board, on hydraulic structures (e.g. locks) or by rescue services and fire departments. The system is also very suitable for ice rescue.

    Buoyancy up to 2400 N, supports two adults.
    Complete with recovery strap system for heaving.
    Color: signal yellow
    Dimensions of the case (signal yellow): L x W x H: 465 x 350 x 175 mm
    Weight with case: 9.5 kg

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